Post #10 Practical Methods to Break Free – Part 1 of 2

By now you are probably aware of the presence of the control grid. You need not recognize the full extent of this grid in order to take immediate action to begin to diminish its hold on you.

In that vein, the next several posts here will be inverted in a sense: this post & the next will cover the actions you can take now to begin to break free, while the following post will go into more detail regarding the specifics of the control mechanisms they have erected. I have decided to sequence the information in this manner because I believe it is critical that you begin to take action as soon as possible.

The first thing to recognize is this: there is a battle raging, and it is a battle for your mind.

When you come to understand this fact, you can begin to erect the defenses necessary to prevail in this form of warfare. Furthermore, as you fortify these defenses, you can proceed to go on the offensive. In a series of future posts, I will be specifically going into the tools, tactics, and techniques that have more of an offense-orientation, but for now I will focus on the defense.

It goes without saying that the full spectrum assault on us is of a mental/psychological as well as of a physical nature. Let’s tackle the mental/psychological aspects in this post. The scope and  scale of the mental/psychological control grid is daunting. Where does one even begin? I will use my own personal experience to illustrate the sequence and steps that I have found to be effective as I have built up the defenses.

Step 1: Cut yourself off from the corporate mainstream mass media

Have a cable TV subscription? Think you cannot cut yourself off completely/cold turkey from the “programming? Like you, I used to think this would be an impossible step to take. But, I did it. And you can too. What I noticed after just 10 days was an improved mental state — a more positive outlook, the clarity of contemplative thought, and an increased ability to concentrate. I also came to realize that much of what was in my mind were memes and not my own original thoughts and conclusions. It was at that point that I began to appreciate the power of mass media.

Do yourself a favor — cut the cord, ditch the mass media, and reclaim the vast expanse that is YOUR mind. Not only will you begin to free your mind, but hey, you’ll save money too.

A curious aspect of this specific tactic is that after you have spent a significant amount of time away from the mass media, when you do find yourself in a situation in which exposure to such is practically unavoidable (i.e. while visiting a relative’s home), you will may experience a couple of interesting reactions to the mass media: a) you will see right through the agenda, the neuro-linguistic programming, and the mind control and b) you may find advertisements to be practically unviewable. Personally, I experience a strong negative physical response to TV commercials that is quite palpable.

Recognize that mass media programming is a critical part of television, radio, movies, print, and the internet — so it is critical to take a hard look at your exposure to all forms and formats. Unfortunately, the ubiquity of these avenues of propaganda and programming means that a lot of your day-to-day social interactions with others will likely involve some discussion of what others have viewed or heard from the mass media. The pressure to consume the same crap as the general public can seem high, but only when you have freed your mind from such programming will you be able to win this battle. You might lose some superficial “friends” along the way in this process, but know that you are truly never alone in the effort to break free from the mind control.

There ARE others out here doing the same. Cutting off the programming is probably the lowest risk / highest reward action you can take.


Step 2: Distance yourself further from the mind control by altering your internet habits

Okay, so you have cut the mass media cold turkey, and you spend a lot of time on the internet seeking wisdom and knowledge. But, how do you actually know that the alternative media outlets you are frequenting are not simply mind control in disguise?

Developing your sense of discernment is critical. And, it is personal. Only you can decide what information and data you wish to consume, ponder, contemplate, and about which to come  to your own conclusions.

Some practical tips that I can pass along:

  • If it conjures up fear and imminent doom, it is most likely not credible
  • If it promises that all of your problems will be solved by someone other than yourself, it is most likely meant to divert you from taking responsibility for your own actions, path, and journey
  • If it holds out the prospect of a global hand-out, you can bet that it is bullshit
  • If it attempts to divert your attention and energy towards some form of “remedy” for your situation, be very careful; not all such concepts are credible, and many are disinformation traps
  • If it tries to cage you into a belief system, run, run away … this can be easy to spot, from a disinterested observer perspective, but tough to see if you are caught out by The Gate

I will easily concede that some of what I have written and covered on this blog is what the mainstream would deem not credible, such as my descriptions of past life regression and remote viewing. It is upon such topics, amongst many other topics, that you must exercise your own discernment. I have described what I have experienced and about which I have first-hand knowledge. My agenda is simple: to freely share so that others can join forces with me in improving our existence.

The point is that the power and responsibility of developing and exercising your own critical thinking is of paramount importance on this journey. Take the time to really begin to question all that you read and all information and data points that enter your reality. You might begin to discover that a lot of your “beliefs” were predicated upon faulty foundations. From this realization, you can begin to re-build your mind and your world-view.


Step 3: Begin to re-build your personal sense of place & existence

Recognizing that the propaganda blitzkrieg involves not only current events, but also the past and, importantly, where THEY want to take us in the future, one needs to tackle the sense of place and existence from all angles of time-space. This is a formidable undertaking. As you proceed down this path, you will begin to see that a lot of the historical record is faulty at best — weaponized to use against you at worst. The ubiquitous George Orwell quote would be appropriate to mention here:

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

– George Orwell, 1984

You exist in the here and now, therefore you cannot truly know the past. Herein lies the dilemma. The solution is to question everything that has been sold to you as being the historical record. The ease at which the past can be weaponized cannot be stressed enough. An excellent cue to keep in mind as you head down this path of discovery is cui bono? — to whose advantage. You may begin to see things about the past that stack up quite differently from a logical perspective than how most of us have been led to believe.

While I am not going to get into the details of any specific areas of historical inquiry, I can say that plenty has been surfacing in recent years on topics such as the truth about the Federal Reserve system, about the real history of WWII, and of course about the reality of 9/11. These should serve as excellent places to begin your personal path of truth discovery, if you have not begun the process already.

On a personal level, I have spent a tremendous amount of time performing my own remote viewing experiments wherein I attempt to specifically target events in time-space which are relevant to our generally-accepted “history”. This can be an activity you begin to explore as well, if you have the interest in cultivating your own RV capabilities. What I have begun to assess from such experiments is that there is a record that is quite dramatically different from the official narrative. I will be going into such experiences in future posts.

The point of this third step is that you will undoubtedly derive value from taking action to re-assess the anchors to which your mind is chained from the past, present, and future. Question everything. Find your place on this grand stage of the “now” — and learn to cultivate the sense of “gnosis” that transcends knowledge. For, while knowledge requires experience in order to be manifest, gnosis is that intuitive sense of truth that can be cultivated as one loosens the grip the control grid has over them.


Step 4: Engage your personal creativity and imagination

Getting your mind away from the power of the nefarious programming and then beginning to rebuild the foundation for your gnosis and knowledge is a huge step in the process of erecting the proper defense. The work can be reality- and belief-shattering. It can also be rather challenging and may drain your psychological reserves.

That said, you might find that you need to do something to recharge the mind, to freshen your outlook, and to find some positive ways to bring the development process along. The perfect solution to this is to make an effort to engage the creative aspects of your mind.

A good way to do this is by reading science fiction or fantasy literature. As you read works that describe worlds quite different from ours, your imagination will be hard at work creating the inner view of such realms. Think of it as an assisted imagination exercise.

Ultimately, your imagination will be your savior. Exercise it often. Create your own works of art – whether they are visual or written, it matters not. The point is that you take the time and make the effort to develop the aspects of your existence which tap into the infinite creative wellspring.



I have tried to keep this post matter-of-fact, while not coming off as being too “self-help”-oriented or “preachy”. I hope I have succeeded in that aim. There is a lot of work to be done, and sacrifices to be made, if one truly wishes to break free. The power of the mental/psychological aspects of the control grid have their weaknesses — paramount of which is that YOU have the power within yourself to destroy its capabilities and power over you.

The next post will delve into some of the changes and modifications you can make to weaken the physical aspects of the control grid. Until then …

May you find and keep the truth, life, and light.

~ Ron

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