Post #13 Etheric Implant Removal?

It is late July of 2014. I am meditating outside on my backyard lawn. My hands and feet grounded to the Earth, I have headphones on and I’m absorbed in the binaural beats that are playing through my portable music device. The beats are flowing at the desired brainwave entrainment rate, and I am using even, steady hermetic breathing. I am getting to a very relaxed state and my head begins to feel very light. For some reason, my inner voice steps in and vividly tells me “you are going to go out-of-body” several times.

Soon, I am lifting up, maybe fifty feet or so, above my backyard. The sensation of looking down and seeing my body lying below is a bit odd, but I just go with it. I also see my dog flopped down several yards away from my body. Funny … I didn’t know she was there!