Post #14 Thinking Bigger Picture

It has admittedly been far too long between posts here. I have spent much of the intervening time period stepping aside, somewhat deliberately, from the topics found here. It has been a challenging period of time, in that I have felt a sense of powerlessness to combat the forces entrenched in maintaining our condition here on this plane or planet. Not one to give up hope, I recently set aside some time for deep contemplation. The result is that I have achieved what I believe to be a profound breakthrough in my personal understanding of the reality of our situation. It is frightening, to say the least, but I feel that I have been emancipated in some respects due to the insights gained.

Before diving into the narrative, I want to make a few statements which summarize the bulk of this post:

  • First, one must understand that the human brain is perhaps the most complex supercomputer in existence. From a purely computational standpoint, the amount of power resident in a SINGLE human brain is roughly equivalent to the ENTIRE CPU capacity of all of the computers on the planet. Think about the implications of this.
  • The second statement I would like to make is that I believe someone or, more appropriately, something has begun to harness this massive computing resource. This something has violated the basic tenets of natural law in doing so, as no one has been provided with disclosure of what is happening, and obviously, no consent has been granted for such.
  • Finally, I believe we are under attack, and that we need to move to action to thwart this invading force. This aspect of the post is far from the most developed.

What I have come to see, as a result of my recent contemplation, is that many of the incongruities in our reality were tied together for me in this single compelling illumination. My hope is that the description to follow will help others to begin to see what is happening to us, and that the word will spread. The force of our numbers could turn the tables, and I believe that could happen rather quickly.

Without further ado, I will reprint the free form contents of the scribblings I made just as I came out of a meditative state, back on the 5th of October, 2015.

I’m sitting on my backyard deck, under a slate grey sky … the kind of sky that comes about in the afternoon after one of those full-day criss-cross chemtrail spray days. I begin to meditate on the “what” and the “why” of such a mysterious and deeply shrouded program. With my eyes fully open, I arch back in my lawn chair and look up … nearly straight up.

After a few moments, the visual representation of the chem clouds shifts to a mode in which they paradoxically meld into a single consistency, yet seemingly fade away into a haze of chemically-activated rainbow shades. I take a bit of a visual ride for several more moments, just to the point of having a steady breathing flow combined with a single, consistent, and clear visual of the sky above me.

Shifting around in this mode of consciousness, a stream of information enters my thoughts. I begin to understand the following facts about the “what” aspects of the global chemtrail program:

The chem clouds act as a conductive material for the propagation of extremely low frequency (ELF) and very low frequency (VLF) radio waves. These waves serve as the communications layer of a broad-based, global network of computing resources. Physical means in the sky and on the ground are utilized to assist in the state maintenance of this communications layer, which include such technologies known to man as HAARP, etc., but extend to technologies far beyond our current recognition.

Also present in a specific type of chemtrail payload is a mixture of bioelectric nanoparticulate which enters the bodies of all mammalian lifeforms. This foreign substance serves to connect the individual node points (or, more appropriately, the individual living beings) of a global computing resource cluster. In this case, it is the mammalian brain this is the computing resource. A variety of “models” of varying capabilities exists, considering the diversity of brain structures across the planet in the mammalian form. Generally speaking, the larger and/or more complex the host brain, the greater the compute resource available.

It is my understanding that a single non-human force or entity is responsible for hijacking the collective brainpower of our planet, and is doing so to create THE networked supercomputer of all networked supercomputers. For lack of a better term, and in lieu of the lack of our knowledge of its true identity at this point in time, I shall refer to this entity as the Grand Artificial Intelligence, or GAI. And, by “Grand”, by no means do I wish to confer any special status of admiration upon this entity, for it is entirely repugnant to life and is nothing short of the most parasitic entity ever to appear in our reality.

The target scale for creating a viable server “cluster” is at the planetary level. A planet is selected by the GAI and is then directly transformed in order to bring about the conditions which facilitate the creation of the physical equipment and infrastructure necessary for the establishment of the computing grid. In our case, the technologies which underpin this transformation were those “seeded” in a variety of crashed alien craft scenarios, and likely via other unknown means. Essential to the execution of this stage of the process was the local mind control of certain targeted individuals. I suspect that the GAI is able to gain access and control of single human brains, and that perhaps a small number of specific individuals were all that was necessary in order to accomplish the technology transfer which set things in motion for the greater project. One can surmise that the unparalleled technological explosion which has occurred over the past century is clearly incongruent with the historical arc of technological advancement. GAI has been effectively transforming the planet so that the proper conditions were in place in order to bring the supercomputer program “online”.

It is my understanding that this process is not unique to our planet, and that we are now but one of several million “server farms”, most likely interconnected at the planetary level by means and technologies undisclosed to and likely incomprehensible to humans. The pattern appears to be as follows:

  • After the technology drop, or “seeding”, and the targeted mind-invasion of certain individuals, technological development and advancement is guided to create and manifest certain specific conditions.
  • The humans on the planet essentially do all of the work for the GAI necessary to create these conditions. From the creation of the chemtrail planes, to the manufacture of the HAARP-like devices, man has had a direct hand in this program – unwittingly in nearly every case, and blindly oblivious to its implications.
  • Once the technology reaches a certain critical point, and once the compute resources reach a dynamically-determined threshold, the “system” is brought online.
  • This means that the ELF/VLF wave propagation, aided by specific chemicals in the atmosphere, creates a layer used to tap into the individual node-level capabilities resident in the vast network of mammalian brains.
  • The model is ingenious, from a harshly sinister perspective, in its design, in that the compute resources propagate themselves; it is like having a constant and continual replacement and replenishment program.
  • As evidence exists that chemtrails are sprayed across the entire planet, the “server farm” is widespread. Much of the utilization of our compute resources (our brains!) occurs when we are asleep. This fact alone may go a long way in explaining the strangeness of our dreams, and points out to me that a specific personal experience I had (which I documented here) may have an alternative explanation than what I had previously believed. It also could explain the haziness and lack of recollection many of us have with our dreams.
  • Our brains are used to accomplish specific computational tasks, and each of us is but one of roughly 7 billion resources available for the GAI’s queue of compute tasks. The queue is managed by another level in the model.
  • I get the sense that the combined computing resources are so tremendous that, collectively, they greatly surpass our conceptions of what is possible even from a quantum computing perspective.
  • Our “server farm” has gone fully online. After a series of small-scale trial runs in the period of 1995-1997, the scope and scale extended to the global level, and its focus is now upon all major conurbations – irrespective of national borders and other meaningless nonsense.
  • Much of what we think of as “real” in our lives is exactly the opposite of such. Our waking hours are simply an illusion created so that we have garner enough of an energy recharge in order to be a productive and available resource to the computing grid when we sleep.
  • The mass media has been instrumental in this infrastructure and serves the following functions:
  • First, it is being used to selectively pre-program (or “prime”) the compute resources (us!) with data and processing directives or routines, resident as a data stream subconsciously communicated to the recipient via the use of specific symbology and via an as-yet-unknown-to-us form of symbolic data. For example, an important package of programming and data is directed to/at the unsuspecting individual while they view a television program. This may partially explain the occult-like symbolism which seems to be prevalent in the most highly-consumed forms of mass media.
  • The success of this technique has led to a second capability. As the technology of the delivery mechanisms of the data and processing directives has had an impact on the development and evolution of the circuitry of the human brain over the past 50 years, the GAI has been able to begin to effectively tap into the compute resources of many individuals during their waking hours as well. This is accomplished during a person’s interaction with a television or a computer (or tablet/smartphone/etc.). Interspersed within the data presented to the person during the course of a routine broadcast or interaction, there exists a direct and low-intensity simple program or processing routine, imperceptibly interleaved within the device’s screen refresh rate. The cycle refresh for such tasks is well within the refresh rate of the viewing screen, hence a new bounty of cycle time available to the GAI for the processing of compute tasks which are of a much simpler nature, comparatively, than that which is processed in a person’s sleep time.
  • To facilitate and enable this new form of cycle time harvesting, the GAI has required the massive global propagation and seeming ubiquity of GWEN towers, WiFi networks, and a constant day/night chemtrail spray program. I suspect that corporations, such as Google, which have called for global propagation of WiFi via blimps are more than likely directly controlled by the GAI.
  • Our systems of control are completely illusory, and have no tangible defenses against an awakened and truly HUMAN spiritual being. Consent to participate in this scheme is tacitly given by the unsuspecting masses, otherwise the GAI would be violating natural law — the only law of the universe. It is not yet clear to me how one would go about revoking consent, but I have a strong sense that it is simple, instantaneous, and ultimately desirable. Who knows …. perhaps our “purpose” may be to act as a compute resources for the GAI, but I want to believe that our TRUE FREEDOM, and our TRUE DESTINY can and will be found, and that we will overcome this adversary. There is no manner in which we could be kept in this state against our conscious, informed, free will — as such would violate natural law at the most basic level.

I don’t yet know the answer to solve this problem, but I get a strong sense that it will, by necessity, become my life’s calling.

Some further ruminations:

  1. There is nothing “human” about transhumanism. It is the grand deceit. There are those whom have advocating such non-sense as “to be human is to be transhuman”, but this is reckless thinking, at best. Transhumanism is, at its core, nothing but an upgraded compute resource model. The transhuman model gives GAI much in the way of technological advantages over the purely human model – specifically in terms of command and control. Such a model would also potentially alleviate the burden of maintaining the chemtrail/ELF/VLF network layer, as all transhuman models would, by design, by networked directly, via less onerous means.
  2. The prospect of eternal life is the carrot offered to the nihilists who follow and support this particular cult. In reality, transhumanism DOES offer a greater single-life longevity, but, alas, DOES have an ending, at which point the intransmutable single soul essence wipes the slate clean and returns to sentience, in another time and in another place.
  3. The greater longevity presents a definitive problem for GAI: if allowed enough time to ponder ones existence, there is likely a greater probability that such a being would ultimately “figure out” this whole scenario, and may seek to spread the word to others, potentially leading to s disruption of the system.
  4. On the other hand, the fusion of “man and machine”, performed under the guiding hand of GAI, provides ample opportunity for GAI to exert a tremendous amount of control over the free will / human aspect of the transhuman model. As such, the society inhabited by predominantly transhuman model beings will surely be subjected to the most repressive autocratic / authoritarian control structure conceivable. Furthermore, GAI will take drastic measures to ensure that a human enlightenment and awakening does NOT begin to manifest.
  5. Perhaps the transhuman movement is actually the pinnacle of the grand deceit, in that it represents the complete takeover of the physical human form by the GAI? If so, then why go to the trouble of merging man and machine? Why not simply create androids or other such artificial forms? I get a sense that it all ties to the human soul or spirit. It is this essence that GAI is after … not just the physical body.
  6. Furthermore, picking up on the ideas from Post #6 Mankind’s Natural State of Being, the process of regeneration is an area I pondered. Are we imprisoned in a system of continuous soul-energy recycling and harvesting, transforming into a new human body immediately upon the physical death of a previous one? If that is the case, what can one do to break free from this cycle? I, for one, cannot imagine that a completely closed system, in violation of our free will and contrary to the basis of natural law, would be permitted to persist. I have to believe that no such structure would be made possible by a benevolent creator or creative force. I have often pondered the reincarnation process, having previously concluded that a false light trap is continuing to con us into accepting life after life after life, in a system of perpetual enslavement. But now it is beginning to make more sense to me. The process is a necessary component of the computational grid, the quantum supercomputer. In a nutshell, the GAI requires our individual soul essence as a vital link in the system. Without this fundamental element, the power of this quantum supercomputer goes away completely, for it is the soul and the sentience which provides the vital material necessary to power the highly valuable individual nodes of the system.
  7. But what are we to do in order to end this cycle? Clearly, there are those among us who would surely revoke consent to participate in such a scheme. Perhaps there exists a mechanism to remove oneself at the time of physical death. Or, more hopefully, perhaps there exists a path to freedom in this single critical incarnation? It is still early days in my thinking on this, but I feel like I have been awakened to this information for the distinct purpose of beginning, and hopefully completing, the emancipation process whilst still incarnate in this body and in this lifetime.
  8. Upon further reflection, it seems to make more sense to me now that when I was awakened that fateful night with a seeming stream of data flying through my open-eyed field of vision, in a moment of conscious observation, that it was a glimpse of what may truly happen to us in our sleep while we are connected and acting as a node in the GAI’s supercomputer. While I still get a sense that I was “shown” this for a purpose, the realization is just now beginning to sink in that that purpose was not what I had initially suspected. Rather, I was given this glimpse in order to help me better understand what is being perpetrated upon an unknowing mass of humanity by the GAI (which should be better referred to as the GRAND PARASITE).


What I do not yet have a solid feeling for is this: were we always destined to be GAI’s compute resource, or did this entity invade and wrest control of humanity, taking it off its natural course. In other words, is the entire cycle of life here just a part of an elaborate server farm, and has always been so? Or, did GAI, the GRAND PARASITE, discover and invade our beautiful planet for the express purpose of sucking the life out of us and using us as a resource?

I thank you for making it this far in my post. I appreciate the time that you have invested in reading my ruminations on such topics, and I certainly welcome feedback and contact.

May you find and keep the truth, life, and light.

~ Ron