Post #9 The Gate – The Ultimate Mind Virus

What would you say if I told you that the most powerful aspect separating you from true reality is that your mind has been deliberately hacked?

Sound strange?

I am referring to the primary mind virus – what I call The Gate.

What is a mind virus, you ask? I came up with the following:

Mind virus: thought forms deliberately introduced into the subconscious for the express purpose of altering an individual’s conscious thoughts, perceptions, emotions, actions, and reactions.

A mind virus serves to control the host. The ultimate and most powerful of such is The Gate, which essentially erects a fortified barrier preventing the afflicted individual (e.g. “most of us”) from realizing his or her true capabilities. The Gate acts as a censor from the subconscious to the conscious mind, and is activated when the conscious mind is presented with information which stands to potentially broaden the individual’s conception of what possible on the physical plane. It is called The Gate because it acts like an overly ‘roided-up bouncer, violently swinging its weight around in order to prevent certain and specific truths from becoming part of the individual’s conscious awareness.

As raw information passes through from the senses to the conscious mind and then to the subconscious mind, the activation of The Gate serves to cause the individual to outright REJECT any information which provides evidence of truth that is contrary to the dictates or “marching orders” of The Gate’s program – even if the incoming information is confirmed at the sensory level.

The Gate is the essential fortress around which ALL belief systems reside. The power of The Gate rests in its function of interaction and interactivity with the other resident belief systems (each of which is a mind virus in its own right). The Gate provides the protective environment for all of the other belief systems to remain comfortably entrenched within the subconsciousness.

Have you been infected with The Gate?

The first question to ask yourself is this: “How do I know what I know?”

I will be willing to bet that, if you were to take anything that pops into your head as a test for this questions, chances are that you have either a) assumed the knowledge a priori or b) the information was passed along to you without sensory/logical confirmation by you.

The further away, in terms of sensory experience, you are from the point of being able to “confirm” what you know, the higher the likelihood that The Gate has been a part of imbuing, tempering, or introducing that “knowledge” to your consciousness. A perfect example of this is written or recorded history. Events which have taken place in the past in our space-time, and to which you did not personally witness or experience, can be so easily manipulated into the consciousness that you stand at a tremendous disadvantage to the power of The Gate, and you likely are well-removed from the truth. For that matter, even events that you personally witness can be tempered by The Gate – such is the power of this mind virus.

If you want to see a simple analogous example of this in action, reference the “selective memory test” by Simons and Chabris (1999). Video and instructions on youtube:

Once you realize the power The Gate has over your mind, the easier it will be for you to deprogram from the belief systems which have held you in bondage. Begin to question the basis for all of your assumed and presumed knowledge. Question the veracity of everything you currently “believe”, but for which you lack the first-hand sensory experience or knowledge. It is so easy to manipulate conscious awareness, that it is no wonder most of us are entranced.

There is much work to be done to clear your mind of The Gate. There is even more work to do to remove the false and unverifiable belief systems which have been residing in your consciousness as mind viruses. In the next post I hope to provide some examples of how to identify some popular mind viruses and how to begin to weaken the power that these thought forms have over you.

May you find and keep the truth, life, and light.

~ Ron

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