Post #3 Something Just Ain’t Right – Part 3 of 3

Picking up where I left off in Post 2, I want to focus now on a couple of specific areas in which I have realized a surprisingly high level of evidence of success. For most people, the topics Past Life Regression (PLR) and Remote Viewing (RV) come across as being “a little bit out there”, and I would have concurred with such a sentiment just a few years ago.

Over the course of my independent research, I came across these topics and decided that they would be perfect first candidates for me to explore from the actionable side of things. I plan on going into much more detail in later posts on each, but here I shall briefly describe several personal experiences which proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that a world exists which is far beyond the perception of a mundane day-to-day world in which the vast majority are enmeshed. Not only do I believe such a world exists, I have good reason to believe that the number of people on our planet who are waking up to this new reality is increasing at an encouraging rate!

Aside from PLR and RV, I will discuss an informational download episode which I experienced in my sleep.

Admittedly, you have the right and the obligation to read the forthcoming sections of this post with a fair amount of skepticism. I am not writing this in an attempt to convince you of something that is contrary to your own belief system and thought processes. Rather, I am sharing this series of experiences of a highly personal nature in hopes that I may connect with others whom have had similar such experiences, or whom have experiences and/or capabilities of a complementary nature, in order to join forces for what can best be described as the Light.

Past Life Regression (PLR) – Along my journey I came across the concept that we are eternal souls, continuously reincarnating in physical bodies for the purpose of learning lessons, working on spiritual development, or for other objectives. This concept seemed to strike a chord with me, as I have, in my own dream journal, recorded several quite vivid dreams which gave me the impression that I have existed in other times and places.

I spent some time reading the works of Michael Newton, whose books describe examples of patients of his who, under hypnosis, vividly describe not only minute detail about past life scenes, but also recount stark and consistent detail about a spirit world in which our souls journey to in our lives between lives (LBL). It just so happened that a local expert on hypnosis and PLR was scheduled to give an evening talk on the topic, so I eagerly made a trip to attend.

The evening ended up being a game-changing experience for me. First of all, I discovered that I can quite easily and rapidly attain a trance state suitable to hypnosis/self-hypnosis, and that, once there, I can experience profound and detailed recollections and information about the stage, circumstances, and characters in my past lives.

During the group practice session, I regressed back into a life in which I was a leader or chieftain of a tribe in the mid-seventh century (CE) in what strongly seemed like the Pueblo or a Pueblo-like tribe. Not only was I able to grasp a stream of incredible detail, but I also sensed the presence of a spirit guide or other type of entity who seemed to be guiding me through a replay or “highlight reel”, in a sense, of that lifetime. Additionally, I was presented with a highly visual panoply of glimpses of the many, many incarnations I have had on Earth — many of which centered on a particular theme.

That theme was, in no uncertain terms, that I have been, over the course of many of my incarnations, progressing through roles as warrior and as a teacher of the warrior arts to the warrior class. Take it for what you will, but I do plan to expand on the details in future posts, as I have arrived at what I believe to be a thematic convergence point … in this lifetime.

Remote Viewing (RV) – I have proven to myself that remote viewing is legitimate. No, I have not been able to view the Powerball numbers in advance of the drawing, but I have been able to use RV techniques to gather information of a highly specific nature, which I have been able to verify, in no uncertain terms. I would have not been able to realistically even “guess” and be more detailed and correct in the subsequent analysis.

Please forgive me for being a bit vague and short on this topic in this post; it is my plan to make RV a fundamental topic of this blog and will devote quite a bit more to it in future posts. It forms one of the primary and fundamental tools, tactics, and techniques which Warriors for the Light have at their disposal. I look forward to both developing my own RV skills as well as covering the topic in greater detail. I also hope to share in the experiences you have with RV as you develop your skills as well.

Another topic I wish to cover is that of an information download.

“I am sleeping, so why does it feel like a rapid burst of information and knowledge is driving through my brain!” is the thought that I awakened to one night about a year ago. Stranger yet, when I gained some measure of consciousness about what was occurring, I opened my eyes and had the following profound experience:

A rapid-fire flashing of numbers, words, schematics, images, “thought-forms”, etc. flashing before me, layered-over and upon the real, material objects in my bedroom. What?!? Was this some kind of nefarious governmental mind control broadcast? Was a HAARP-like technology being used to push data into my mind during my slumber? Were there ETs beaming information to me?

I have since run this experience through my “trivium”, but I am still at a loss when it comes to adequately describing or identifying the source or the purpose of this experience. My intuition tells me that this burst of information was some type of message given to me from an unknown source, but that it was ultimately the inspiration — a wake-up call of sorts — for me to get off my butt and to begin getting my knowledge and experiences out there to you. I have indeed had several distinctive flashes of this experience come to me as I sit here with pen in hand furiously scribbling the stream of words upon the page.

Perhaps you may be better able to explain the significance of this experience? Maybe you have felt the same? I do wish to be clear on this: I am definitely not claiming that I was “visited” in this experience — unless one concludes that the “download” was a visitation in and of itself.

Well, my friend, I feel I should wrap up this series of posts for now. I hope this finds an audience receptive to the concepts presented herein, and that many will join me on this journey. We have a lot of work ahead of us, and the dark forces controlling life on this planet NEED to be defeated for the advancement of mankind.

We are few, but our numbers are growing.

May you find and keep the truth, life, and light.

~ Ron



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