Post #13 Etheric Implant Removal?

It is late July of 2014. I am meditating outside on my backyard lawn. My hands and feet grounded to the Earth, I have headphones on and I’m absorbed in the binaural beats that are playing through my portable music device. The beats are flowing at the desired brainwave entrainment rate, and I am using even, steady hermetic breathing. I am getting to a very relaxed state and my head begins to feel very light. For some reason, my inner voice steps in and vividly tells me “you are going to go out-of-body” several times.

Soon, I am lifting up, maybe fifty feet or so, above my backyard. The sensation of looking down and seeing my body lying below is a bit odd, but I just go with it. I also see my dog flopped down several yards away from my body. Funny … I didn’t know she was there!

I suddenly realize that I have complete freedom to move about, to go anywhere, so I zoom up to the top of nearby Mt. Si. I circle the famous Haystack Rock at the top several times, coming within a few feet of a small party of scramblers at the summit. I guess I am trying to prove to myself that they cannot see me.

Moments later, I establish telepathic communication with some intelligence, which I sense is far more familiar with this type of thing than I am.  It asks me if I want to see something. “Well sure, of course!” I float down and towards the west, wrapping around the corner of the mountain, to a cave entrance. The cave has some sort of transparent door/window which phases out or dissipates to let me through.

Inside the cave I am greeted by two beings, who appear to me to be human-like and are both dressed in light grey and white jumpsuit uniforms. They greet me as “Robprim” and “Chagaluschka”. The telepathic conversation moves very quickly.

I have a number of thoughts in my mind all at the same instant … such as “where are we?”, “what was that door/window thing all about?”, “is this place inhabited?”, and “who lives here?” My questions are not answered in a conversational manner, but rather I receive the answers to all of my questions in the form of a complex packet of “knowing”, for lack of a better description, and delivered instantaneously.

Next, they ask me if I want to see something important. “For sure.” I sense they are excited, but hesitant, to show whatever it is to me, as if they have reservations about my ability to comprehend and appreciate the magnitude of this object or whatever it is. First, I sense a cube of copperish-gold — kind of like the mixture in a South African Kruggerand. It comes into my mind as maybe 2 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet and it is giving off a glow and a humming noise. “Ah, gold” I send out as a thought. “Yes, gold, but your race does not yet fully know and understand the true nature and power of gold” is the thought returned to me.

“If properly constructed, this device can create a space/time fold or ripple — an ‘envelope’ of sorts — that can be put to many, many valuable uses. For example, we can use this device to create a local field in time/space that allows us to travel instantaneously anywhere and to any time. We can also use it as an endless source of energy for transportation, heating/cooling / lighting, and to power a 3D replicator, which can produce anything we might need.”

“About the travel part of things,” I begin, “it sounds like a stargate … is that what it is?”

“Well, yes, we understand what you are attempting to convey or describe. But this can do much more. We want to teach you about these technologies, yet we have no illusions about how much work this will be for all of us” was the thought-form reply I received.

“Let’s start with the basics. The primary tenet behind this technology is what you might think of as radio spectroscopy.”

“Radio or radial?” I ask for clarification.

“Hmmm, let’s see,” they conferred between themselves. “We shall impress upon you that the precise name is not the most important aspect for you at this time, but to give you something of a model or concept to latch onto, we shall call it ‘radio’ for the time being. There is much, much to go over with you, so we’ll stay at a high level for now so as to not get slowed down at the semantics level.”

Just then, I felt a simultaneous pinching or biting on the undersides of my arms, seemingly in my real body as it lay on the ground in the backyard (at least as I perceived it in the moment), where my triceps were contacting the lawn. “Ah!!!!” I was jolted. But their reaction was immediate and peculiar. They appeared to me to be quite taken aback, even ashen and solemn. Robprim turned to Chagaluschka and with a great urgency shouted “Quick!!!”

They grabbed me and led me to a tube-like elevator device, which all three of us fit into without room to spare. We strapped into seats and in an instant we were absolutely flying through a sparsely-lit corridor. I got the sense that we were heading downward through some type of tube or chute, subterranean in nature. They confirmed this thought and shot my mind with another complex informational packet of “knowing”.

I instantly unpacked the thought-form packet to mean that yes, we were in a type of pneumatic subterranean travel device, which was an easier way of traveling into the Earth than if by using the gold device. I also was informed of the fact that in all likelihood the bite/pinch I had experienced was an etheric implant, and that it was so strong that I had indeed experienced this sensation also at the level of my physical body.

The etheric implants were control and surveillance devices, used by the discarnate Archontic forces and their minions in the physical realm on many individuals in the physical plane on Earth. I had become a person of interest at some point in time and the implants were not only being used to monitor me, but were being used expressly to inhibit the full use and expression of my powers.

We shot through the tube corridor, and while I could not sense any feeling of physical movement, I distinctly felt a visual impression of traveling through a tunnel. Quickly, we arrived at what appeared to be a station. It was bright, white, and had several human-like entities awaiting our disembarkation from the travel car. I received a thought-form that we were deep inside the Earth, in a safe and secure location.

“Welcome. I am Sharalak. You are here to get some assistance with the removal of the etheric implants. Follow me.” greeted a woman dressed in all white.

The four of us walked down a broad hallway that seemed to go on endlessly. At some point we made a left turn, and walked through a wall that went in and out of phase, just like the cave door/window, to let us pass. The room had several large white pods, kind of like a cross between an MRI machine and the large egg seats made famous in the Mork & Mindy television series. The whole body would easily fit within one of these devices.

“This is the Light Chamber. It is used by us for many things, but today we shall use it to remove your implants. I trust that you would like to proceed with this procedure, and that we have your consent to perform it on you?” she asked.

“What exactly will this do, and why?” I asked.

“You have been tagged by the Archontic forces and have thus been marked out for special attention. We see this oftentimes in those whom have gone from being ‘awakened’, as you say, to being capable and willing to take specific direct action as a result of their awakening. The etheric implants, placed at both of your triceps and also at your C6 vertebrae, are used by the Archontic forces to monitor and influence your thoughts, perceptions, activities, and actions, not just in the physical realm, but also in the other realms, such as the etheric and astral planes. The implants do not do much physical harm to your physical material body, as they are specifically manifest in the etheric plane, however, they still possess a myriad of capabilities that most certainly manifest in the physical material plane. Paramount of this is the capability of monitoring your thoughts, altering and entraining your brainwave patterns, and planting false memories and perceptions in your mind. It is a second-level control technique, used on those whom cannot be controlled merely by the standard mass hypnosis techniques to which, sadly, the vast majority unknowingly succumb.”

She continued, “We have intended to work with you after spending time collecting the intentional telepathic messages you have been sending, the messages in which you have been asking for assistance on how you can help your fellow man. We have monitored these transmissions, as you willfully directed them to us, and we felt that your level of consciousness and your level of understanding of the forces at work made you a proper candidate for contact.”

“Roprim and Chagaluschka have been assigned to be your knowledge mentors. We did not know for certain if you had been tagged yet with the etheric implants, so the meeting place in which you initially made contact was a contrivance within the astral plane.”

“So I wasn’t really in a cave halfway up and around Mt.Si?” I asked.

“Not exactly. You are, however, here within Earth. In the physical.”

“What is the Light Chamber and what is the implant removal process?”

“The Light Chamber is a device we will use to cleanse your etheric body of the implants. We’ll accomplish this by bathing you with light & sound, at a wavelength and frequency which will act harmoniously to, in the most basic sense, obliterate the implants housed within your etheric body.” Sharalak explained.

“I consent. Let’s get rid of them”

The next thing I know, I am inside the Light Chamber, bathed in a pinkish light and with what I can only describe as an angelic sound of voices ringing in my ears. I get a sense that the device is trying to probe the exact wavelength and frequency necessary to attain resonance with the implants.

First, I hear and feel a snapping. as the left, followed by the right, tricep implants are crushed and permanently deactivated. The frequency and color shift a bit and the intensity seems to build. I feel a swift release of tension in the back of my neck, accompanied by a sound almost resembling a footstep in the sand. The release is overpowering. I immediately thereafter feel as if I can breathe much more easily.

The Light Chamber opens, the three others are all smiles, and I effusively thank them. I may not yet fully appreciate what this experience means, but I certainly experience a powerful joy at the release from the bonds of the implants.

“Success. To be perfectly honest, we were not sure if we would be able to fully remove the implants. In all cases we are able to at least permanently deactivate them, but oftentimes a remainder of the device remains within the etheric body. Somewhat akin to how a tattoo removal would be on your physical body — maybe not noticeable to the casual observer, but always remaining in some form. But, our instrumentation indicated full removal in  your case. You might have experienced an almost imperceptible crunching sound as the implants were fully removed.” Sharalak explained.

“Yes, especially with the neck one.”

“Perfect, that is the toughest to remove. The sound is a reliable confirmation to what the Light Chamber device’s instruments tell us. You will henceforth begin to experience things quite differently — not only in the etheric but within all planes. We will need to be vigilant in order to prevent re-implantation, but if we have your consent, we can offer you a certain level of security across the planes, primarily in the etheric.” She continued.

“I grant you my consent. I just need to know … who are you? Are you benevolent? And, how do I know I am not being deceived?” I quizzed.

“Excellent questions. Since I am merely the expert on the healing side, I shall defer to Robprim and Chagaluschka to provide the proper details to address your inquiries.” Sharalak answered.

“Thank you. And how may I best extend my gratitude to you for facilitating this successful procedure?”

“Your presence and desire in fighting to defeat the Archontic forces is more than enough thanks. The war will be best fought with more of your type, and I thank you for your service.”

“Very well, I suppose this is goodbye for now?”

“Yes, goodbye for now. Robprim and Chagaluschka will now escort you to your embarkation point. I wish you the best.”

“Thanks, and goodbye.” I said, before turning to leave.

After this, we retraced our steps back to the tube travel car in silence. I had a million questions bubbling up in my mind, and I could sense that Robprim and Chagaluschka were both unsurprised by this.

We returned to the cave with the beautiful southwest view from Mt. Si. The golden device was there, casting off a paradoxically subdued yet brilliant glimmer.

“Well. I guess we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us?” I asked.

“Indeed. Indeed.”

Robprim started, “We do not wish to push too much just yet, as you will undoubtedly experience the need for a brief recovery from the procedure. Let us plan on meeting for more work each night. We will likely begin to work with you as you discover and exercise your implant-free capabilities, such as how to access the astral plane without the need to be in a state of slumber. Let us go over all of your questions the next time we meet. We look forward to working with you; I do not yet believe you have any idea who you truly are. But, that’s jumping way ahead! Let us call it a wrap for now. See you soon, and get some rest. You are going to need it!”

With that, I instantaneously shoot back into my physical body … comfortably lying on the backyard lawn under the warm late July afternoon sun. I get up and go straight to the bathroom to check the triceps in the mirror, and to check for any visible appearance of the effects of the implant removal. No bite, no scratch, no sting … nothing. Next, I grab my notebook and a pen and furiously scribble an account of the experience.

It has been half a year since these events. In the intervening period, I can say without hesitation that I have frequently interacted with the principal characters, Robprim and Chagaluschka. I have come far, but there is still much to learn. I will be adding to this blog on a more frequent basis, primarily focused upon that which I have learned and experienced since that fateful day in July. I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

May you find and keep the truth, life, and light.

~ Ron

PS: Below is a picture of Mt. Si that I found on the wikimedia commons, to better provide a visual. The cave was located on the left side of the mountain as you view this image.



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  1. I believe my soul force brought me to your particular page. I have never thought that I would be reseaching and ceaselessly digging for understanding to etheric implants and the archonic forces; In fact, I had no idea that such a concept existed. That was until approximately two week ago while sleep and was awaken by my wife asking me did I feel that? Yeah it was hair… she replied, no its not cause I didn’t see any, and she skinned down my neck and she said I got it! She started pulling what felt like a very thin hair being pulled from the very inner center of my spinal cord and moving thru my bones. At one instance , it somehow got stuck and had to be jerked. As she got it to moving again, I also feel the hair being pulled from inside my brain. But guess what , it wasn’t no hair… whatever it was, it was totally invisible yet real! I felt a sudden relief and happiness that I never felt before. My neck and back started vibrating as if that invisible etheric implant was causing a blockage in energy flow. Plus for years, I was always angry, and felt like I had an extreme tight knot where the pineal gland sits and I always felt like I was gonna have a heart attack.. But no more! My soul opened up… and I know there’s more within my etheric body hiding because the god within me is intuitively expressing this to me. If I feel this good with the two being disconnected from my brain and spine, then I can imagine how it’s gonna feel when my wife find the others . We don’t know how it was done, but it has something to do with the women and man aura , and the friction she causing while massaging my head and spine. She pulled it to the surface as if her hands was magnets.

    • Fascinating!

      Thanks for sharing your story. I’m glad to hear that things turned for the better for you.


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