Post #12 The Technological Grid of Control

The purpose of this post is to identify the wide range of mind control techniques and technologies that are presently employed by the kleptocratic intraspecies predators roaming about in the dark shadows of the control grid. Make no mistake: you ARE enmeshed in this grid. To a varying degree, this grid controls your thoughts, memories, perceptions, actions, and emotions.

It is only by becoming cognizant of the grid that you may begin to weaken its level of control over you. That said, there is a wide gradation in the means, manner, power, strength, and deployment of the various tools and techniques constituting the grid.

I am going to attempt to lay-out these tools and techniques, listing them in order from the most innocuous / easiest to counter at the beginning, to the most heinous and difficult to counter at the end. You can think of it as a scale of what you can control versus that over which you might have little control.

I want to state emphatically that I do not see this post as doom & gloom. Is it incredibly evil and inhumane to employ these techniques and technologies? A resounding YES. However, as more and more of us become awake and aware of the crimes being perpetrated around and upon us, the ability for these technologies to control us will erode significantly. I see nothing but hope when I lay all of this out. Become aware of the weapons of the enemy so that we may individually and collectively defeat them.

So, without further ado, here are the tools/techniques/technologies that I have identified, listed in order of ease of employing counter-measures. Please note that the focus here is on the physical realm (more to follow related to the etheric realm in a future post).

  • Distractions (sports, disposable celebrity worship, gadgets, etc.)
  • Fake polling
  • Corporate mass media / mainstream propaganda dissemination
  • Controlling the debate (i.e. “GMO labeling” rather than “GMO ban”)
  • Trolls / Discussion hijacking
  • Disinformation / misinformation
  • Social pressures (many, varied, localized)
  • Public schooling
  • Fluoride / vaccines / pharmaceutical
  • Symbols
  • Religion / religious dogma and programming
  • Scientific dogma
  • Predictive programming
  • Cultivation of a state of fear
  • False flag events
  • Mass surveillance
  • Gang-stalking
  • MKULTRA / targeted individuals
  • Microwave / ELF technologies / HAARP
  • Chemtrails & Nanoparticulates (across the blood/brain barrier)

These techniques and technologies fall into roughly three categories:

  1. Those you can avoid
  2. Those you cannot avoid, but for which adequate counter-measures exist
  3. Those you cannot avoid, and for which no effective counter-measures presently exist

Your homework assignment as the reader of this post is to take a stab at categorizing the list above into the 3 buckets. Also, I intend for this to be a work-in-progress, so feedback about additional techniques & technologies is welcome. I readily admit that I do not claim to know all of the various weapons that are directed at us at all times.

The bottom-line is that we KNOW we are at war, and no is the time that we begin to recognize the need to take action to counter the influence(s) that impact our mental and physical states.

May you find and keep the truth, life, and light.

~ Ron


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