Post #4 The Thematic Convergence of my Past Lives

[note: sorry for the lengthy post, but I trust you will find the highly personal detail worth the read]

As I mentioned in Post #3 Something Just Ain’t Right – Part 3 of 3, I have spent time learning about Past Life Regression (PLR), including taking a 50-hour course for practitioners. Some definitions I have culled from the internet would be useful here as a starting point for this post.

From the always-so-reliable go-to source, Wikipedia:

Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations, though others regard them as fantasies or delusions or a type of confabulation. Past life regression is typically undertaken either in pursuit of a spiritual experience, or in a psychotherapeutic setting. Most advocates loosely adhere to beliefs about reincarnation,[1] though religious traditions that incorporate reincarnation generally do not include the idea of repressed memories of past lives.

… and if that wasn’t skeptical enough, here the entry in The Skeptic’s Dictionary:

Past life regression (PLR) is the alleged journeying into one’s past lives while hypnotized. While it is true that many patients recall past lives, it is highly probable that their memories are false memories. The memories are from experiences in this life, pure products of the imagination, intentional or unintentional suggestions from the hypnotist, or confabulations.

Okay, so reading these definitions one might wonder what the value would be in even beginning down the path of pursuing the knowledge and wisdom which may be accessible from one’s past lives.  Of course, I have taken a much more open-minded approach, and I believe I have been richly rewarded for doing so.

The initial evening when I participated in a guided PLR session in a group setting gave me a strong and powerful sense of not only my past, but also provided me a glimpse of a latent power within me. The ability to begin to draw forth the hidden and suppressed knowledge and experience trapped somewhere in the vast recesses of the sub- and super-consciousness of my eternal soul was the key takeaway from the evening for me. I had a brief flash of the faces of my many, many lives and I was exhilarated about the prospect of tapping into this new world.

After this group session, I began to utilize an mp3 file which the speaker provided us containing a 30-minute generic past life regression. Amazingly, I discovered that I was able to quite easily enter a trance state and upon entering this other-world, I was able to navigate around a profoundly rich sensory landscape. Everyone’s mileage will surely vary, but for me dropping into a regression meant I was able to experience vivid visualizations and imagery, and, almost shockingly, I was able to perceive and experience things on a level which engaged or activated all of my senses — paramount of which being taste and smell.

As I conducted an almost nightly practice of induction and PLR exploration, I began to notice a consistent and strong theme developing in the pattern of my past lives. Namely, that by and large I was front and center a warrior of some type, oftentimes surviving the experiences of many battles to a transition in which I evolved to a guide or teacher of the warrior arts to the generations coming up behind me.

To illustrate, here is a brief list of some of the lives I have explored thus far; please bear in mind that the names, dates, places, and details are recorded strictly from my perceptions during PLR — they may not be deemed entirely accurate or consistent with our presently accepted “historical record”, but this just serves to illustrate that our “history” may not be exactly what we are “sold”, if you will. [note: I plan on going in depth in future posts on some of the following past lives]:

  • Samras – lived in the Levant around 130 BC. From a long line of warrior/soldiers, with the primary purpose ultimately being to protect and maintain clear trade routes in the region.
  • Kutu Talapooneku – lived in Tonga around 330 AD. A powerful and respected tribal chieftain who unified a number of previously warring clans. Died a violent death at the hands of a rival clan outside of the unified tribes.
  • {name unknown} – lived in the Pueblo tribal land in the 600s AD. A strong warrior who went on to serve future generations by passing down the knowledge of the warrior arts.
  • Friedrich Fassenbach – lived in Saxony in the mid-700s. This was a respite life, idyllic and peaceful, interspersed amongst the warrior lives, as I was basically a forest manager for the monarchy.
  • Roshan Hoshani – lived in Persia in the 1100s. Was an Ismaili of the Assassin sect and died after completing a mission of murder.
  • Galvan Torres – lived in Bilbao in the late 1300s. Was a knight of some sorts and grew to into a very accomplished role of service.
  • Hanspeter Graf – lived in Switzerland in the 1600s. Was a Burgermeister of a town starting with the letter “B”; can recall living to an advanced age and main action of the life was to help a wrongly-accused man escape a cruel sentence for allegedly causing a fire in the town church.
  • {name unknown} – American Marine who died on an island in the Pacific theater of operation in WWII.

My next step was to actually make the additional effort to take a professional training course on PLR. I was hesitant to jump right into the PLR course without first satisfying the 100+ hours of prerequisites, which many of the students had completed prior to the PLR course, but the timing was ideal, and my personal experiences seemed rich enough to convince me that I would be fine. In retrospect, I surely had a long ways to go with learning about induction and in learning about the professional aspects of being a hypnotherapist.

Out of respect for the privacy instructor and my fellow students, I am not going to into any level of detail about the course and my experiences therein, but I will point out several observations which struck me about the experience.

First, I discovered that my abilities in the trance state seemed to be quite a bit more developed than I had expected. The ease at which I was able to get into trance and to explore the realm in which the PLR discovery is conducted was surprising to me.

Second, I confirmed my impression that being the person guiding a PLR is no easy task. I had some serious catching-up to do on every aspect of hypnosis. I have since worked quite a bit on the skills — practicing on friends and family.

Finally, I came to have an appreciation for just how much is out there (or, “in there”) beyond the realm of our personal experience on the material plane of existence. The instructor and my classmates brought a thoroughly rich set of experience to the class discussions, and I had a really eye-opening experience realizing just how much and how far I would need to learn and travel in order to fully realize my potential as both a practitioner in the professional sense and also as a warrior in the realms beyond the material plane.

Returning now to my past lives, it was during a practice session in the class, wherein I was acting as the “client”, that I had what I call a thematic convergence, an epiphany of sorts. After tapping into my many warrior lifetimes, I recognized and wondered why it was that I kept incarnating into roles in which I was existing for the purpose of killing others. How could my purpose possibly be tied to such a perpetual stream of entire lifetimes dedicated to death and destruction — and even in ensuring that the skills of death and destruction are passed down to the next generation?

Two key aspects of my thematic convergence became patently obvious to me.

First of all, the endless succession of warrior roles had almost been continued in my present life. Coming out of high school, I was selected to attend the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. I remember from some of my earliest thoughts as a child having a strong pull and impetus to evolve into a warrior role. Here I was at age nineteen enrolled in an institution whose sole purpose is to feed the death and destruction assembly line of the Military-Industrial Complex, churning out “warriors”.

Something quite profound occurred to me on the first full day of induction into the Academy. In the late afternoon on I-Day, my entire company was assembled into the upper class Midshipmen’s lounge/TV room in order to view a brief video prior to taking the Oath at a big, dramatic early evening ceremony on the front steps of the large residence hall. The video, whose contents I do not even have the faintest recollection of, left me with a single strong impression: you must be prepared to DIE for your country if you are to be here at the Academy. I felt strong misgivings about the message from the video, and even had what I can now characterize as a voice in my head tell me “don’t do it, leave”. But, I went along with the Oath ceremony anyway.

Life shortly after the ceremony became a very, very different experience for us Plebes. It seemed as if every upper class Midshipman was suddenly blaring Guns N’ Roses “Welcome to the Jungle” from the stereos in their living quarters at volume 11 … and full-on chaos ensued.

I recognized it was all part of the game, and I played the game well. But, about two weeks into Plebe Summer I had something of a powerful and surreal experience and epiphany. As we marched around on the parade grounds practicing our drill techniques deep into the late evening, with the mid-summer Maryland heat & humidity bearing down on us, I heard a voice in my head again. “Leave. Get out of here. You don’t belong here. Break the chains.”

Early the next morning as we were lined-up in the hallway outside of our rooms awaiting the daily dose of Plebe Exercise Program (PEP), I shot my arm out in front of me — the sign indicating to the Midshipmen in charge of us that I had a question. One of the Midshipmen 3rd Class (Sophomore) cadre got in my face and, in tyrannical tough guy-ness shouted “What?!?!”

“I wish to resign”

It took about a week or so before they began to take me seriously on my statement of desire to leave — and only after I basically initiated my own “peaceful protest” by refusing to accompany my company many of the day’s scheduled evolutions. I still made it to PEP, the practice time for my sport, meals, and assorted benign activities, but for the most part I just stood fast in my room. From there, it took another three weeks or so before I processed out of the Academy and boarded a van for the lift to BWI airport for the return flight home.

So, just how does this relate to my thematic convergence? I came to realize, after all of the intervening years since my departure, that my decision to leave the Naval Academy was deliberately triggered by my soul, with the express desire and strong will to break the endless chain of warrior lives. No longer would I be an active participant to the death and destruction trap. True freedom for me was realized the moment I uttered the fateful words “I wish to resign”. It took me more than 20 years to arrive at this understanding, and it has been an incredibly powerful realization.

The second critical aspect of my thematic convergence goes hand-in-hand with the first. I began to see that, as I explored all of the warrior roles in my past incarnations, I have not been here for such noble causes to “learn life’s lessons”, nor to work off some karmic debt, not even to “raise my vibrational level”  …nope… I have been here feeding some kind of parasitic energy-sucking race of demons who live off of the fear, death, destruction, and endless conflict created in this predation factory they have installed on Earth. I realize now that my roles enabled the continuation of this horrific state of affairs — an abomination against nature — and that I have been on the front-lines of this war being waged against mankind for at least several millennia, if not longer.

The brilliance of their deception is that man only perceives he is fight other men! The truth of the matter is that we need to shift the focus of the battle. We need to bring the battle to THEM — and that means taking an active role in waking up to our true nature and our true abilities.

It is only by becoming cognizant of our true enemy that we will ever have a shot at defeating this pure, unadulterated evil. For many awakening souls the understanding of and identification of our true enemy is that last elusive step along the process of full self-actualization. We need to unite across the artificial boundaries and perceived differences our enemy has engendered into our very essence.

I. for one, have seen the enemy … and the enemy is NOT US. Rather, it is a force which has entrapped, deceived, and enslaved our eternal souls for far, far too long. Now is the time to realize this undeniable fact, and to take action to defeat this evil force.In a sense, my current lifetime is not about abandoning the warrior soul … it is about recognizing that that warrior has been duped into targeting the wrong enemy. Now, that warrior knows the proper target.

Please join with me and prepare for the battle, as it will take many of us and the battles will be hard-fought on a multitude of planes of existence.

May you find and keep the truth, life, and light.

~ Ron


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