Post #11 Practical Methods to Break Free – Part 2 of 2

The previous post covered the activities you can engage in and the actions you can take to begin the process of loosening from the grip of the control grid from a mind & mental perspective. This post shall cover some of the actions you can take to begin the process of removing the grid’s influence from a physical perspective.

At the outset, I want to be clear about a couple of things. First of all, I am not recommending or advocating for you to blindly follow everything I am describing here. Rather, I am going to enumerate a laundry list of the actions I have personally taken. It is your responsibility to do the follow-on research for yourself, to come to your own conclusions, and to take your own willing actions. Second, I want to be clear that I am not selling anything here — you won’t find links to any products or an internet store. I am going to describe a few products in a generic sense, holding the product identities back so as to not detract from my message. Should you desire further information regarding the exact products, you can send me a message through the Contact page.

With the disclaimers out of the way, let us proceed.

It is not my intention to provide an in-depth description of each of the dozen areas I have focused on in the area of breaking free from the physical aspects of the control grid. Each point listed below should serve as a talking point — something for you to consider & to then take your own actions to conduct the further steps necessary to positively enact changes in your world.

For me personally, the awakening process has been a lot of work. Every time I thought I had things “figured out” something new cropped-up in my awareness. And, once you “know” something, it is your responsibility to take action. That’s the “work” part of it all. Another aspect that has been challenging for me has been distinguishing between that which I can control, and that which I cannot. A perfect example of this is chemtrails. While I can see the almost daily evidence of this certainly nefarious and downright EVIL crime being perpetrated against us, there is little in the way of immediate action that I felt I could take, and as such, I move on to that which I can impact.

With all this said, here are the broad & specific categories and actions I believe constitute the list of the most critical areas in which you can take action.

1. GMOs. I think most of us are aware that GMOs are dangerous, yet they have increasingly gained a position in our food supply. Be diligent and seek out the provenance of what it is you are feeding your body. Avoid GMOs, grow your own food, join a CSA, eat organic.

2. Vaccines. After spending quite a bit of time researching this topic, I have come to the conclusion that not only is the zero benefit to vaccines, but that there are actually much higher risks involved in getting vaccinations than in getting the condition/disease for which the vaccine is purportedly meant to protect against! Do your own research, and proceed with caution.

3. Fluoride. Does the idea of willingly ingesting an industrial waste product with known medical risks really sound like a good idea to you? It sure doesn’t to me! Buy a distiller or a high-grade filter that specifically states that it removes fluoride. Remove all fluoride toothpaste from your possession & tell your dentist that you wish to have fluoride-free treatments. Finally, take time to evaluate the presence of fluoride in the water that may be an ingredient in your packaged food and drink products. Chances are quite high that that “water” is from a fluoridated source.

4. Electromagnetic/Radio Frequency Radiation. I have taken the extra step here and purchased a meter that I then used to discover the sources and areas of high radio frequency radiation in my home. An eye-opener indeed! Do you have WiFi in your home? Ditch it and go with a PowerLine networking solution which runs through your electrical outlets. Cook with a microwave oven? Never again!!! (not only does it destroy the nutrients in your food and chemically change it to carcinogenic compounds, but it also emits a large amount of radiation) See also: cell phone

5. Diet. After doing the research, converting my diet, and experiencing the positive results, I am convinced that grains should be avoided & that consuming fats is actually good. There’s a TON of information on these topics out there for you to research, but I can speak from experience when I say that the positive results are quite real. Hand-in-hand with this topic is the need to avoid microwave ovens as a food preparation tool — use the stove or oven instead.

6. Air filter. Not much to say here other than I have found it valuable to have a HEPA filter operating in all of the rooms in my home. A whole-house solution would be a bonus.

7. Cell phone. You need to really take a hard look at your relationship with your phone (aka “slave tracking device”). From mass surveillance, to electromagnetic radiation, to time-and-attention-waster, … check yourself before your wreck yourself. I am definitely not the most reachable person on the planet, as I carry a pay-per-minute dumb phone with the battery removed, but I feel all the more safer for it.

8. Sleep. Get lots, dream lots, and keep a dream journal. Easier said than done, but you will find that when you get in the habit of consciously taking the time to get several REM cycles that not only do you feel better in a physical sense, but you might be tapping into an entirely different world from which you can draw inspiration.

9. Meditate. If you do not already meditate on a regular basis, take the time to discover a method that works for you, and make the time to practice regularly.

10. Chemicals in the home. Take the time to go through your home and evaluate the risks involved in continuing to use the products you regularly use for such things as housecleaning, cooking/meal preparation & storage, grooming & hygiene, and anything else in which you, your family, and your pets come into contact. This exercise led me to replace pretty much all of our housecleaning products, replace all of our leftover food storage (from plastic to glass), and to replace such things as toothpaste, deodorant, and soaps. You can find a wealth of valuable information out there about the risky products, compounds, and ingredients commonly used in home products. Take action!

11. Medications. I am only going to say here that it would be worthwhile to carefully evaluate your relationship with the pharmaceutical industry. Healthier alternatives may exist; seek out the information specific to your individual case.

12. Alkalinize. Your homework assignment is to research the benefits of and procedures to alkalinize your body.

That covers some of the more important topics. Just missing the cut was the need to be sure your Vitamin D levels are topped-up.

I hope this gets you thinking in terms of the full-spectrum physical defense system you need to implement, hand-in-hand with the defenses for your mind.

May you find and keep the truth, life, and light.

~ Ron


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