Post #6 Mankind’s Natural State of Being

Much has been said, written, and expounded upon related to the topic of mankind’s suffering. I, for one, think that to say there is any redeeming aspect of our suffering is total bullshit.

We are not here to suffer! Mankind’s natural state of being is NOT to suffer for the sake of spiritual growth. Rather, our natural state of being is one of love and truth. If this runs against the grain of your belief system (aka “BS”), haven’t you ever taken a moment to ask the question: why would a benevolent creator wish harm and destruction upon its creation?

I think I know why the common thread amongst many religions is that of suffering and redemption. The reason is pure and simple: control.

Once you have ceded your mental and spiritual sovereignty to a belief system such as religion, you have essentially taken a back seat in this ride called life. THEY are at the steering wheel, driving you wherever THEY see fit. That ‘wherever’ takes on the appearance of:

“Hey, don’t sweat it. You will be rewarded for your traumatic experience in this physical lifetime in the ‘afterlife’; don’t bother trying to change your condition; in fact, the worse the bad shit is for you the better!!”

Bollocks! To even entertain this concept is committing a crime against nature. We are eternal beings, gifted with creativity and imagination, yet so many of us never grasp or come to the true realization of this crucial fact.

It is, however, no surprise that such is the case. Look at how the odds are stacked against you:

  • Your memory is completely wiped before you incarnate into the physical, as a helpless infant
  • Society is programmed to stunt true spiritual growth and development, denying the child a fair shot at healthy and true spiritual attainment, more or less from the get-go
  • THEY funnel everyone into the false belief systems, which only serve to stunt, retard, or fully eviscerate our true spiritual development
  • For those who have happened to evade the religious belief system grid, such as indigenous peoples, THEY are busy eradicating the connection to true spirituality — even if by committing genocide against such peoples
  • Once you pass on from the physical plane, THEY further entrap you by the ‘false light’ and the gatekeepers of the reincarnation cycle … leading you to believe that you must continue to incarnate in the physical plane in order to “suffer MORE” for the purpose of growth and development

Once you see this racket for what it is, you will wonder how so many of us have been entrapped … and for so long. But it has not been so easy. The belief system aspect of the control grid has done an outstanding job of ensuring that we keep coming back for more punishment. And, that aspect works tremendously hard to control us.

Take my personal experiences and revelations regarding my past lives as an example. I have been incarnating in warrior-type roles for as long as I have been able to recall through Past Life Regression (PLR). It is ONLY NOW that I have begun to realize that I have been used again and again to sustain the parasites who literally feed off of the death and destruction that we, mankind, perpetuate on the physical plane. From Post #4, I related to you the specifics surrounding this realization — and I am now equipping myself with the tools, tactics, and techniques I require to break this cycle.

For you must know, at a deep intuitive level, that you are not designed to be a suffering soul.

May you find and keep the truth, life, and light.

~ Ron

2 thoughts on “Post #6 Mankind’s Natural State of Being

  1. Hi Ron…we definitely seem to be vibrating on the same wave length & the same frequency…as reading your blog confirmed….It seems we have had to take a ‘leap of faith’ (that’s absolutely without religious connotations) to realize there’s much more to our existence than the tiny sliver of electro /magnetic frequencies thru which we create our own reality (in the darkness between our ears & our last frontier) …Like you (probably) we’ve spent a Gr8 deal of time- Eclectically- researching this illusory quandary we’ve ‘awakened’ into… as I echo your percipience equally with regards to our present situation. One just KNOWS!…but I intend to have a very long chat with whatever or whoever convinced me this was a good idea at the time & rip whatever a New asshole …up one side & down the other- hahahahaha!…….then it’s ‘Goodbye’ memory of past lives…& to think I got suckered…really burns my ass-Unless- we volunteered to come here to help with this alleged transition of Gaia’s….I was woken at 17 yrs & then again 5 yrs ago by David Icke twiddling the knob on an imaginary radio, expressing how everything could exist simultaneously but unaware of each other like radio stations frequencies existing simultaneously(luv the metaphor) …like Hendrix says: “Are you experienced?”…(takes one to know one)…….I agree with your 1st 4 points(square black notations) …as to the 5th ….this is the ‘leap of faith’ part where I was shocked that there was such a paradigm that exists as ‘Soul Catchers’ et al….which opened up another ‘can of worms’ with the possibilities that humanity really is enslaved to these little archon muthafukrs… that are inorganic solar system builders as purported by John Lash & others -OR- the Annunaki story is absolutely true & verbatim, as we were engineered as hybrids with their DNA aspect revealed as overtly blatant, ambivalent & dispassionate socio/psychopathy (just profile any CEO)…as well as having our chromosomal telomeres shortened to a ridiculously short interval of pre-programmed sentient existence……Would that I had access to my past lives but the only one that was illustrated to me is that of an impressionist painter Renior…as I had a vision (non-drug) on the wall of a party on the banks of a flowing river, on a veranda where I knew everyone, ….I intuitively knew it was a painting & It took me 2-3 months to finally find it at the library…viola…”The Luncheon of the Boating Party” by Pierre Auguste Renoir…go figure! LOL…wouldn’t mind the proceeds from just one of my paintings in this life hahahahaha…that’s about as esoteric as it gets & nobody would believe me …so the secret keeps itself ……… closing for now…let me acquaint myself with your earlier posts …meanwhile just e.mail me direct as our conversation would be too much of an imposition in the Garden…Cheers

  2. I’ve been busy getting a few lumps & bumps removed from sun damage over the yrs on this ol 63 yr old carcass…but will get back to you Ron…could you resubmit that article you sent me via e-mail as I inadvertently dumped it, getting rid of Spam…cheers

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