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Here’s something perplexing: for the past 6 months or so, I have awakened, glanced at my bedside clock, and noticed that it reads precisely 3:15 AM … This has been happening to me at least 5 mornings a week; sometimes it can be for a stretch of 10+ days in a row.

What is it about 3:15 AM?

I do find that once awakened, I feel a sense of intense calm. No buzzing sounds, nothing disturbing the peace and quiet — an almost indescribable void of disturbance or distraction.

So, for much of the period in which I have experienced this inexplicable and peaceful stirring, I have been getting out of bed and grabbing one of my journals. With pen in hand, I have found, without exception, that some of my most profound thoughts and creativity flow forth. What is lacking is any sense of tiredness or fogginess of mind that one would expect to experience at such an early hour.

There is a point at which the calm is disturbed, usually manifested by a dull ear-ringing. Once this minor disturbance, or call back to the “normal” reality begins, the peak of my creative energies seems to have crested — for it becomes a bit more of a concerted effort to lay down my thoughts or to tap into the imaginative forces more readily accessible to me during the calm of 3:15 AM.

One thing I have noticed is this: since this has been happening, the length of time before the disturbance sets in has been noticeably expanding out to a later time. At first, I would find that the calm lasted for only about 10-15 minutes. That was roughly six months ago. Lately, this window of time has broadened out to around 45 minutes. I am not sure what to make of this aspect; could it be that I am becoming more proficient at holding the focus and tapping into the imaginative and creative force for longer periods of time? Or, is there something else at work here, perhaps a force outside of myself? Either way, I find it quite interesting that a) the awakening time is consistently precise and b) that the period of calm has been expanding.

But what to make of the fact that the creativity goes hand-in-hand with the calm and quiet; or rather goes hand-in-hand with the absence of any kind of disturbance, such as a buzzing sound?

I would be keen to hear what you might have to say about this topic, especially if you are experiencing the same.

May you find and keep the truth, life, and light.

~ Ron

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