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A very slight shift in the perception of reality can induce a tremendous phase-shift of consciousness. This is not to say one can transit between dimensions in this state, but rather it conveys the more subtle delineation which exists between the phase-space of reality within a single dimension. The mind/sensory equipment, if you will, can be slightly attenuated in a conscious manner in order to transport one, in essence, into a different reality.

This slight change in perception is made possible due to the vast amount of information flowing freely about in our time-space dimension. The equipment we essentially inhabit here on the physical plane is tuned to a narrow and specific frequency, akin to how a radio broadcast tuner works. Since the information field is so vast and voluminous, the mind/sensory facility must filter out a tremendous amount of the information flow; to do otherwise would, frankly, lead to a short-circuiting of the equipment. In other words, our mind/sensory equipment would get fried. But, we are decidedly NOT permanently locked into the exclusive phase-space of the information flow (in fact, it is my belief that we are deliberately tuned to a specific frequency for the purposes of control; more on that topic in future posts). The only problem is that most of us simply do not know any other phase-space or frequency that that to which we have unknowingly been attuned to throughout our lives (and throughout our past lives, for that matter).

An excellent case in point which provides the valuable evidence to back up this claim can be seen in the experience one undergoes whilst on hallucinogenic mushrooms. While under the influence of this psychoactive substance, one remains firmly entrenched in our physical plane of existence, however, the mind/sensory equipment undergoes a phase-shift in the territory of the information field it accesses and processes. The shift, or expansion, enables the individual to experience a vastly different reality than is typically experienced. A common theme amongst reports made by those whom have experienced the effects of hallucinogenic mushrooms (see Erowid) describe such things as visual hallucinations — seeing objects visually emitting patterned movement — and the apparent slowing down of time, thus enabling the mind/sensory equipment to perceive such. This is but a single facet of the experience, but one in which I believe adds credence to the claim that a much more expansive information field is out there than we typically perceive. It is also my belief and understanding that this type of experience is accomplished due to the chemically-induced phase-shift of consciousness, taking the individual into a different reality.

But, how is one to accomplish a phase-shift without deliberately inducing with the help of a chemical substance?

Is such a task even possible or accessible to anyone?

While I do not profess to have the answers to these questions for everyone, I can say with certainty that I have personally been able to occasionally attain a phase-shift, albeit slight.

It is while in this state that I have been able to accomplish most of the more profound or deeper self-guided PLR (Past Life Regression) and RV (Remote Viewing) / RI (Remote Influencing) sessions. The build-up to get to this shifted reality is quite a challenging task for me at this point. It involves a form of meditation that leads to the appearance in my visual field of two or more distinct pattern surfaces, and occurs when my mind locks-in on one particular pattern. From there, I have basically primed the mind/sensory equipment for a phase-shift, which engenders a more powerful and viscerally rich experience when I then move into the initial stages of a PLR or the targeting step in an RV or RI session.

I can only attest to what works for me, but that said, I am more than happy to share with you the steps and stages I employ in order to reach this state. The following has been the process I have used to accomplish the perceptual reality shift.

First, I take about 10-15 minutes listening to binaural beats through my studio monitor headphones which feature whole-ear cups. The desired brainwave state is Theta, so I utilize an audio file that locks into a frequency approximately 4.5 Hz and 6.5 Hz.

Once I have achieved a theta brainwave state (I can usually tell by observing a slight ringing in my head when I remove the headphones), I use self-hypnosis techniques to bring about trance induction. Any technique that will get you into trance will suffice — I find progressive relaxation to be the one technique I am most comfortable with.

After I have achieved a trance state, I find a relatively/ideally quiet space, either indoors or outdoors, whereupon I can pick a specific point of visual focus without there being a lot of movement to interfere with the ability to attain an intense and concentrated focus. At some point into the focusing stage, I begin to perceive two or more distinctive visual patterns surrounding the precise point of focus, and extending out to the periphery of my vision. For example, if I am focusing in on a single blade of grass, say one with a brightly illuminated drop of water upon it, at some point into the exercise my mind/sensory equipment begins to go into a cycle of phase-shift and the patterns immediately surrounding the point of focus begin to cycle in a disjoint or wavy manner. The patterns vacillate between a rough chevron-like pattern with geometrical and precise patterning to a flat, even, and consistent carpet-like pattern.

In the more intense experiences, this phase-shifting goes into a rapid-fire flashing mode, and it becomes impossible for me to lock-in on a single pattern for longer than a brief instant. At this point, I keep the focus and concentrate on a single pattern until my mind attains a phase lock and I can see that pattern in a consistent manner. This can be very difficult to attain, to say the least.

With phase lock attained, I firmly believe that I have realized a shift in my reality, and my mind/sensory equipment is tuned to a different frequency. This means I have access to a different spectrum of the information field. Let’s take stock of the particulars up to this point:

  • First, I have entrained my brainwaves to a theta state
  • Second, I have induced a trance state
  • Third, I have accomplished a phase-shift of the very equipment I am using to perceive reality

I am at a loss when it comes to the proper language to use to best describe the feelings and emotions I experience whilst in this state, but I will say that it is visceral and complete.

It is while in this state that I shift into either the sequence of a PLR or the targeting step in my RV/RI protocol. I will be providing more information related to these protocols in future posts, but wanted to get these concepts to you prior to covering such protocols, as I find this aspect to be an important piece of the puzzle for me.

One final bit about coming out of trance after a session in which you have phase-shifted reality: take your time. If you have gone into a different reality, you most likely (but not always) want to re-attenuate to the “normal” frequency of reality if you want to or need to interact immediately afterwards with those tuned into the generally-accepted perception of reality. I’m not saying that one should/could not hold the phase-shift longer, I’m merely offering up some practical advice.

Look for a discussion of RV/RI an upcoming post.

May you find and keep the truth, life, and light.

~ Ron


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